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A Viennese Private Estate
november, 10th 2018 at 2pm CET

All 218 lots in this auction come from a single private owner and were collected over a period of almost 30 years. The objects reflect an eclectic taste and an eager eye, the two most important skills needed to build a serious art collection. In the auction you can find paintings, prints, photography, icons, furniture, design, decorative art, jewelry, rare wines, some unusual collectibles and tribal art. Everything will be sold at no reserve. Bidding will begin at starting prices significantly below market value, so there should be an opportunity to find something for literally anyone who is interested in fine art and antiques.

November 5th – 10th
Monday-Friday 10am – 6pm
Saturday, Nov. 10th 10am – 2pm
and by appointment

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Welcome to Galerie Zacke’s bi-annual auction of Fine Chinese Art, Buddhist Sculptures and Japanese Works of Art. Large detail images for each item, taken from all possible angles and in impeccable quality, can be viewed here:


The sale encompasses 187 lots of carefully selected and curated Chinese Works of Art from categories such as cloisonné, jade, hardstone carvings, organic materials, bronzes, porcelains and ceramics, paintings, glass and textiles. Among the most noteworthy are a Rhinoceros Horn ‘Hibiscus’ cup from the 16th century (lot 10), a ‘Mudan Ting’ porcelain bowl, Daoguang mark and period (lot 31) and a superb ‘Seven Immortals’ jade mountain from the late 17th century (lot 55). Within the thoughtfully chosen group of Chinese Snuff Bottles (lots 72-102) we find an imperial ‘golden amber’ snuff bottle (lot 79), a material which is almost impossible to find. Among the group of Buddhist sculptures is a very large Zanabazar school Buddha Shakyamuni (lot 114) and an important schist head of goddess Hariti, Gandhara, 3rd century (lot 134). The Japanese works of art section surprises the connoisseur with two stunning and published lacquer pieces from the collection of the late Heber R. Bishop, New York (lot 166 and 167). Further highlights are an extremely fine cloisonné enamel teapot by Namikawa Yasuyuki (lot 158) and its companion milk jug (lot 159).

Many of the objects in this auction are the property of European collectors and have not been on the market for decades. Condition reports, provenance information and literature references are stated in each listing. In case you have any special questions about any of the artworks, please contact us, we are always at your service.

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Only the submitted lot number of the purchase object is
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the business relationship.
Absentee bids for this auction will be accepted until the day
of auction by 8:00 a.m. We regret that absentee bids received
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„highest bid” column please write „TEL” and then send us
the absentee bidding form. We will contact you by telephone
during the auction, whereby you will be able to bid directly.
Please keep in mind that such telephone bids are always classified
as a bid equivalent to the starting price. Should no other
person bid for the specified lot, you will automatically win
the bidding and the respective lot will knocked down to the
starting price.
Estimated Price / Starting Price:
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will also accordingly be accepted starting with an amount
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Shipping and Transportation Insurance:
For domestic shipping Gallery Zacke (hereinafter called “the
company”) charges in average EUR 15,- to EUR 50,- per item,
depending on size and weight. These fees cover the costs of
packing and shipping. Postage fees (e.g. bulky or fragile items,
shipping abroad) will be quoted upon request.
The purchased goods are transported at the risk of the customer
following handover of the packaged item to the post office
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her submission of the purchase order. According to specific
wish of the customer, the auctioned goods may be insured for
the value of the purchase price (highest bid and surcharge).
This insurance fee is 3% of the purchase price. For purchase
prices exceeding EUR 350,- per auction transportation insurance
will be automatically arranged by the company if it does
not expressively receive the purchaser‘s written denial of this
service. Payments due to the company under the insurance
contract will be charged to the customer. The company is also
entitled to assign claims under the insurance contract for the
customer providing the terms of the insurance contract do not
prevent this.
In any case, the company is exclusively required to make
payment to the customer specifically if payment has effectively
been received from the insurance company.
Color and Condition:
Objects lots coming to auction will be exhibited for viewing
prior to the auction, thus offering all interested customers the
opportunity to examine the quality and condition of the works
exhibited. The catalogue illustrations are intended to assist
customers during pre-viewing. In illustrations, print colors
cannot naturally correspond hundred percent to the originals.
The catalogue images are neither for condition nor qualities of
the illustrated pieces authoritative. Flaws and damage are only
indicated in some cases in the catalogue. Our illustrations in
the catalogue can be so strongly magnified, that damage and
restorations are usually clearly recognizable and much more
exact than words are able to communicate (excerpt from §22
Business Terms and Conditions). Please send inquiries concerning
this matter to
Endangered Species / CITES Information:
Some items in this catalogue may consist of material such as
for example ivory, rhinoceros horn, tortoise shell, coral or any
rare types of tropical wood, and are therefore subject to the
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
of Wild Fauna and Flora [CITES]. Such items may only be
exported outside the European Union after an export permit
in accordance with CITES has been granted by the Austrian
authorities. Zacke Gallery cannot and does not guarantee
that such export permit may or will be obtained, but will by order
of the winning bidder, once and exclusively after the item
in question has been paid in full, apply to obtain such a permit
at a fixed administrative fee of euro 500, - per application.
Important Notice for Prospective Wine Buyers:
All rare wines are currently stored at our premises in a dedicated
wine cooler space. After the auction the winning bidders
can either collect these wines in person or arrange for third
party shipping via DPD wine shipping services:
Gallery Zacke offers objects or items exclusively from commission
contracting partners for purchase in its auctions. In
case of complaints or return of goods, please note that these
must be processed within six (6) weeks of acceptance of the
purchased goods. The condition of objects/pictures in this
catalogue is only indicated in some cases. Upon request, we
are glad to offer you more information. Our complete general
terms and conditions of business can be found on our website Later complaints cannot be considered.
All items starting above 1300 EUR are checked by the
Art Loss Register.